Thursday, June 4, 2015

I'm In A Long Distance Relationship, But How Do I Trust Him

I am in a long distance relationship with a guy in FLorida. I've only facetimed him but never seen him in person. He said he might come in the summer but the problem is that I love him but when I see his pictures its kinda a turn off. I still love him but his instagram bothers me a lot too because he follows girls that are half naked and drug things when he promised he doesn't do that anymore. I have been in many relationships but i just don't know how to trust or love him because I've been hurt many times. What can I do? -Bre Bre, This sounds like a tough and scary situation. One thing you can do is tell him how the pictures make you feel and his instagram friends make you feel. IF he's disrespectful about it and rude then that's your answer that you should be messing with him. Since you don't personally know him, you have no idea how he really is or even who he really is. You'd be taking a big risk going for this guy legitimately. It's so easy to fall for someone over social media but most the time they end up being someone completely different in person, someone you didn’t expect or even attracted to. So why just settle for him? There are plenty other guys out there who you could know in person, which is a safer rout and then you really know who they are in person and their personalities. So I'd say be careful and do whats right and safe. Don't let this guy make himself out to be someone he's not just so you can get hurt in the end. -Jewelz

I Don't Want To Live With My Addict Parents

My mother is a drug addict and my father is an alcoholic. My step mom has been my only real parent for 8 years. I want her to adopt me but we have to wait a year. I don't want to wait. I don't want to live with either of my natural parents. What can I do to live just with her? -Kendall Kendall, Do some research or even ask your step mom more about it and how you two can make it happen! Is she your legal guardian? If not that can most likely happen. I'm not 100% how that all works out or how that happens but talk to a social worker and get some information. If all else fails, just think, one more year. Be strong and do what you can to stay positive and that will help the time go by. Ask your parents if you can just live with her though. What is the harm in that? Or maybe you can spend the night at her house every now and then so you can have some space from your parents. Just talk with your step mom about your options and how you feel. You can also contact Child Protective Services and explain to them that you're parents are not fit to parent you because of their addictions. But I'd suggest having your step mom help you do that and talk to her about it -Jewelz

My Girlfriend Is Pregnant and We Haven't Told Our Parents

My girlfriend is pregnant and we haven't told our parents. We have talked about out options and she says that abortion is out of the question. I want to help her out and be there for the baby but I also don't want to throw away the rest of my high school life. Im not sure about what to do. -Doug Doug, You're in a tough position. My best advice is to be there for your girlfriend during her pregnancy and support her but you also get a say in what you feel is best because you're the father. Tell her how you feel. You both need to look at what's going to be best for this baby. You don't have to throw away your high school life necessarily. You can also still attend school and finish. Do you guys have help for a baby? Jobs? Financially stable? Weigh out everything before making a decision to see if you two are truly ready for this. You can also check out and/or for more tips on how to work through this and information on how much a baby costs and how to tell your family and such. -Jewelz

I Can't Really Tell If I'm Pregnant

I can't really tell if I'm pregnant, -Corrina Corrina, Have you had the common pregnancy symptoms? Taken a pregnancy test? I'd take a test first to see if you are. If you want more information on whether you are having pregnancy symptoms and what to look for check out or for some great tips, advice, and information on pregnancy. I'm always here to talk if you are pregnant and need further help or have questions. -Jewelz

I Am Tired Feeling Like I Should Have To Ask To Wear Tampons and Thongs

I'm in sixth grade and I am tired of even feeling like I should have to ask to wear tampons and thongs and ect, because its my body, MINE, not my moms or step-moms. -Kasey Kasey That¹s a tough situation because your mom and step-mom just want to make sure you're going at the rate a 12 year old girl should be going at. Some things are just meant for when we're a little older and more mature such as thongs and tampons. Every mother is different and someday when you're a mom, you'll understand too. If it makes you feel any better my mom didn¹t let me do certain things for quite a while too like wear thongs or even shave my legs with a regular razor. I didn't understand then but now that I'm older I understand why she did it. So as hard as it is, try to understand that you parents do certain things in the best interest of you. They're protecting you and aren't trying to make your life miserable. If they didn't care, you'd know, this is them showing they care about you. Soon enough you'll be able to do certain things, it all comes with age. And soon after that you'll be making your own decisions which can be much more scary and hard than you think. So hang in there. Your time will come when you can start doing more mature things. For now enjoy life! -Jewelz

I Think I'm Ready To Have Sex

I have never dated anyone before because I feel like I'm not ready for that kind of emotional commitment. I think that sexual attraction is not enough to commit myself just yet. However, I am ready for sex, and I have been thinking about doing it for quite some time... Do you think I should wait to be in a relationship to have sex? -Alexa Alexa, Sex is something so valuable and precious. I personally believe it's something that should be held on to until you find the right person who you can share it with that will value you, respect you, and love you. In today's society, sex is tossed around like it's no big deal but it is a big deal. It's giving your body to someone, all of you. If you were to just give it up to some random person you didn't even care about, that¹s kinda abusing your self respect and that¹s them abusing your respect as well. That person will not respect you and you won't respect yourself either. It can be difficult to not have sex when everyone you know is but just know that you're the stronger person who has self value and respect and is willing to wait for the right person. Don't just do it cuz everyone is doing it. Like the saying "If everyone was jumping off a bridge, would you?" it's the same ordeal. Be strong in who you are and save it for someone who deserves it. -Jewelz

I Like My Guy Friend, But Does He Like Me Back?

Me and my friend Danny have been really really good friends since seventh grade (now a freshman) and we share everything with each other. Last year we briefly dated for a week, so it doesn't count and we decided it wasn't good for us. This year we have grown even closer to the point of us having sleepovers with a few of his friends and telling each other the gross details of hookups. All his friends tell me he likes me and both of our friends tell us to date, but I don't know, it might be weird and we're best friends so I don't wanna ruin that, but I recently been thinking that I might sort of like him. I don't want to ruin our friendship, but apparently half the school thought we were dating for a year and a half, so it looks like we are flirting all the time. I just don't know what to do. Please help!! -Kinsey Kinsey, Id say start flirting with him and see what happens and maybe even bring it up casually. Like "have you ever liked me?" or something along those lines. Maybe even have a mutual friend casually bring it up in conversation with him and see what he says. It can be scary trying to bring this up because of course nobody likes rejection or looking like an idiot. But he sounds like a good enough friend that he's not gonna get freaked out by it and best case scenario, he likes you too and you guys go from there. You'll never know unless you try or ask. Good luck! -Jewelz